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Upcoming episodesNadchodzące odcinki

Episode 11, airing 1/11: „The Down Low” written by Friedman & Hess.
-GY called it „ridiculously fantastic” for H/W fans, and has made various other hints/teases.

Episode 12, airing 1/25: „Remorse,” written by Peter Blake.
-May or may not be the one where H & W pursue their new neighbor. GY said the episode was „good news for Hilsons but bad news for Huddys.” (Ugh, pairing names, though, amirite? Correct answer: yes.)

Episode 13, airing 2/1: „Moving the Chains,” written by Friend & Lerner.
-Title is a football reference, but don’t know much for sure beyond that.

Episode 14, airing 2/8: Unknown title, written by Moran.
-All-Cuddy episode. Wilson is in about 3 scenes, the same number Cuddy had in „Wilson,” according to RSL.

Episode 15, airing 3/1: Unknown title, written by Egan.
-Involves something that made RSL pretend not to be speaking to her.

Episode 16, airing 3/15: Unknown title, written by Kaplow.

Odcinek 11: „The Down Low”, scenariusz: Friedman & Hess.

Odcinek 12: „Remorse,” scenariusz: Peter Blake.

Odcinek 13: „Moving the Chains,” scenariusz: Friend & Lerner.

Odcinek 14, tytuł wciąż nieznany, scenariusz: Moran.

Odcinek 15, tytuł wciąż nieznany, scenariusz: Egan.

Odcinek 16, tytuł wciąż nieznany, scenariusz: Kaplow.