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Q&A: Alumnus, ‘House’ star Michael Weston remembers NorthwesternFragmenty wywiadu z Michaelem Westonem

Those who watch the television series “House” know Michael Weston as Dr. Cuddy’s boyfriend. But 15 years ago he was just another theater major at Northwestern. Weston (Communication ’95) talks about life on Ridge and Noyes, why House and Cuddy belong together and the NU Mafia. (Yes, it does exist.)

The Daily: What were you like at NU?

Weston: I did a bunch of plays. Off campus? I mostly just ran around and tried to stay out of trouble after getting drunk my whole freshman year.

The Daily: What are some of your favorite memories from NU?

Weston: I remember they were the coldest winters I’ve ever spent anywhere in my entire life. I had this little apartment off Ridge and Noyes. I remember I had this little old Honda Accord that was on its last leg. In order to make it work, I would get up at 4 a.m. and go sit in it and warm it up. One time, it was 85 below with the windchill and if your skin was exposed, it was going to fall off. And I’m like, “Oh my god, where have I landed?” But part of what I love about NU during those winter months is that there was something really cozy about the place.

The Daily: Was acting always the plan?

Weston: I actually didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do. I wanted to play baseball, and then I wasn’t good enough to play on the team because I had thrown my arm out. They made us declare what we wanted to do as freshmen. But you really don’t know, you have all sorts of ideas and ambitions, but it was pretty intense to arrive at college and then the next day be like, “OK, I am an acting major.” But what was great was that it thrust me right into it before I knew what I was doing. I was auditioning for plays and enrolled in the program and it ended up fitting like a glove.

The Daily: What are you working on now?

Weston: I’m about to go do a play in New York. It’s an Off-Broadway show called “Extinction,” which will be really cool. I’ve also written a script that I want to direct which is going the rounds. Now I’m in the throes of pilot season, which is the crazy time from January through March where you just run around like a chicken with your head cut off and go from audition to audition for all the new TV shows.

The Daily: So, you think you’ll be staying on “House” for much longer?

Weston: My character was a weird insertion into the show, which was really fun, but I also feel like they’re running out of ideas for where he fits in. I can’t imagine me and Cuddy together forever.

The Daily: Because it has to be House and Cuddy eventually, right?

Weston: It’s gotta be.

The Daily: Do you still keep in touch with people from NU?

Weston: There’s a big conglomerate of us out here. There’s a total Northwestern mafia. I’m friends with a larger number of NU people now than I was at college. Usually if you meet someone for the first time, we shoot the (bull) about NU. It does give you a really nice starting point and a bit of warmth and familiarity.

The Daily: How has NU influenced your career?

Weston: I guess more than anything, it created a work ethic—a love of working on something with passion. I learned how to take a moment of inspiration and plug it into writing a script or something. It had a lot to do with the people that I met while I was there. They have been huge pillars in my life. NU taught me the intangible stuff—stuff that actually brings the best out of you.

Czym się teraz zajmujesz?
“Extinction”, sztuka na Broadwayu. Napisałem tez scenariusz do czegoś i chcę też reżyserować. Od stycznia aż do marca jestem naprawdę zajęty.

Jak sądzisz, zostaniesz w Housie na dłużej?
Pojawienie się mojej postaci w serialu było trochę dziwne. Owszem, było fajnie, ale czuję, że nie mają już pomysłów, nie wiedzą, co ze mną zrobić. Poza tym nie jestem sobie w stanie wyobrazić Lucasa i Cuddy razem na dłużej.

Dlatego, że prędzej czy później w końcu Cuddy i House będą razem?
Oczywiście, że tak.

Exclusive: ‚House’ spin-off still alive?Jednak będzie spin off? Kto zasłużył na rolę?

The Michael Weston-fronted House spin-off may have been condemned, but Fox remains keen on expanding the franchise. Network president Kevin Reilly tells me the hit’s EPs, David Shore and Katie Jacobs, have a “standing offer” to create another series. “It could be a direct spin-off or a completely new show,” says Reilly. “Ideally, I would love David and Katie to have their own [two-hour block].”

Regarding the duo’s first stab at a House offshoot, the one that would’ve focused on Weston’s private detective, Lucas Douglas, Reilly says they “kind of stuck their toe in the water and just didn’t feel like it worked. The [character] worked [on] House, but [he] didn’t really work as [his] own thing.

“They have really high standards,” he adds. “These are not guys who commercially are going to chase something just to announce they have a spinoff and then figure out the show later on. They’re probably the most thorough producers… I’ve ever worked with.”

For her part, Jacobs is game to try again. “I would like to do a 9 o’clock show,” she says. “Maybe a spin-off or maybe just another show from the two of us.” (Shore is currently shepherding a remake of The Rockford Files for NBC.) One way or another, she’s resigned herself to the fact that a new show is “the only way I seem to be able to penetrate the 9 o’clock hour” now that House is firmly entrenched at 8. “As a producer, you would never pick Mondays at 8. But having said that, the network put [House] there, and it seems to be working so I think they’re smarter about these things than we are. So we’re probably going to stay at 8.”

What say you House fans? Would you rather Shore and Jacobs revisit the idea of a House spin-off or develop something completely different? And if you pick the former, share your dream spin-off scenarios below!

Pomysł na serial, którego głównym bohaterem byłby detektyw Lucas Douglas, nie wypalił (moim zdaniem – całe szczęście). Czy to oznacza, że widzowie śledzący kolejne odcinki serialu ”Dr House” muszą pożegnać się z myślą o spin offie tego tytułu? Niekoniecznie.

Dlaczego serial z Lucasem nie pojawi się na antenie? Kevin Reilly ze stacji Fox powiedział EW.com, że producenci utknęli w martwym punkcie:

Ta postać sprawdziła się w ”House’ie”, ale nie zdała egzaminu we własnym serialu.

To nie znaczy, że pomysł spin offu definitywnie zarzucono. Szefowi Fox bardzo zależy na współpracy z producentami ”House’a”. David Shore i Katie Jacobs dostali ofertę stworzenia wspólnie nowego tytułu. Reilly mówi:

To może być bezpośredni spin off lub zupełnie nowy pomysł.

Jeżeli miałby rzeczywiście powstać spin off ”Dr. House’a” i któraś postać miałaby zagrać w nim jedną z głównych ról, kogo byście wybrali? Zagłosujcie w naszej sondzie. A może to w ogóle kiepski pomysł?

Kristin SpoilersSpoilery Kristin

Kelly in Tulsa, Okla.: I am a huge Olivia Wilde fan, and I was wondering if you had any news about her character, Thirteen, on House?
Good news, Foreteen fans. In an upcoming episode of House, Foreman comes crawling back (sort of). According to a source, he tells Thirteen he’s sorry he fired her and that he still loves her. Could this be the start of some sort of rekindled romance? Sure sounds like it, doesn’t it!? So how do we feel about this?

K.T. in Pennsylvania: I keep hearing a rumor that Michael Weston’s arc won’t end in episode 10 of House. I hear he’s back in episode 12. Should House-Cuddy fans be giving up on their ship?
Lucas (Michael Weston) is definitely a presence beyond episode 10: Even though Lucas doesn’t appear onscreen in the following episode, House and Cuddy spend most of the time arguing about Cuddy’s relationship with him. The good news? House certainly still seems to be harboring some fierce feelings for Cuddy. A source tells me he’s going to rip up a photo of Lucas.

Jestem wielką fanką Olivii Wilde i zastanawiałam się, czy masz jakieś newsy na jej temat?

Dobre wieści dla fanów Foreteen  – w następnym odcinku House’a będziecie mogli zobaczyć Foremana płaszczącego się przed 13 (tak jakby). Zgodnie z tym, co wiemy, przeprosi ją za to, że ją zwolnił, po czym zapewni, że ją kocha. Czyżby powtórka z ich romansu? Wydaje się, że tak!

Słyszałam, że Michael Weston (Lucas) nie odejście w odcinku 10, ponieważ pojawi się także w 12. Czy to prawda? Czy fani Huddy powinni stracić wiarę?

Lucas jest obecny również po 10 odcinku, jednak nie oznacza to częstego pojawiania się na ekranie. House i Cuddy większość czasu spędzają, kłócąc się na temat jej związku z Lucasem. Gdzie dobre wieści? Widać, że House wciąż żywi gorące uczucia do Cuddy. Z tego co wiem, posunie się nawet to podarcia zdjęcia Lucasa na kawałki.

‚House’ exclusive: Look who’s returning!Kto wróci do „House’a”?

I had a feeling we hadn’t seen the last of this guy: Michael Weston is returning to House this fall as private eye Lucas Douglas, sources confirm to me exclusively.

We first met Lucas last fall when House hired him to tail his then-estranged BFF Wilson. After appearing in multiple episodes, the character abruptly disappeared without explanation. At the time, series creator David Shore said Lucas was brought in primarily to play off of House. “But once Wilson came back,” he added, “we didn’t dramatically have a need for him anymore.”

So what brings him back? A Fox rep declined to comment beyond confirming that Weston will appear in an episode that goes into production this week. Perhaps the PI becomes a patient? Or maybe House is finally getting down to the business of solving Kutner’s “murder”? I’m spit-balling here. people.

Weston’s return will no doubt trigger fresh speculation about the Lucas-centered spinoff that Shore and fellow exec producer Katie Jacobs had been toying with. The project never got off the ground, but Shore was quick to note that the decision not to move forward “had nothing to do with” Weston.

Happy to have Weston/Lucas back? Do you hope it’s for more than one episode? And what do you think brings him back? Sound off below!

Właściwie mogliśmy się tego spodziewać. Michael Weston, wcielający się w rolę prywatnego detektywa Lucasa znowu pojawi się w Housie.

Lucas po raz pierwszy pojawił się, gdy House wynajął go, by ten śledził Wilsona. Gdy Wilson wrócił, postać ta była zbędna w serialu i zniknęła właściwie bez wyjaśnienia.

Dlaczego teraz Lucas wraca? Niestety FOX odmówił komentarza w tej sprawie. Może prywatny detektyw zostanie pacjentem? Albo House zdecyduje się go wynająć, by zajął się śmiercią Kutnera?

Ponowne pojawienie się Westona w „Housie” spowodowało nową falę spekulacji na temat spin offu z Lucasem, którego produkcją mieli się zająć David Shore i Katie Jacobs, jednak Shore zaprzecza, że jego pojawienie się w serialu ma z tym coś wspólnego.

Jak sądzicie, dlaczego Lucas wraca? Jak długo będziemy go mogli oglądać na ekranie? Jesteście zadowoleni z jego powrotu?