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100 Best Episodes of 2008: #75-51100 najlepszych odcinków seriali w 2008

#70 “Frozen,” House
Post-Super Bowl episodes are always major events, and here Dr. Gregory House diagnosed a patient via webcam because she was trapped in Antarctica. But the real twist was the reveal that Wilson is dating Cutthroat Bitch.

#51 “Wilson’s Heart,” House
Wilson had to say goodbye to his girlfriend Amber in this emotional season finale that saw Dr. House unable to help his best (and only) friend’s true love

#6 “House’s Head,” House
When House drops the procedural style and gets creative, it becomes on of TV’s best shows, and this episode did just that. After a bus accident, House has short-term amnesia and struggles to remember what he saw that told him someone was dying. The trippy dream-like sequences in House’s mind were so great that they won the episode’s director an Emmy

W serwisie BuddyTV opublikowana została lista stu najlepszych odcinków seriali w 2008 roku. House znalazł się na liście aż trz razy – na 70 miejscu znalazł się odcinek Frozen, na 51 Wilson’s Heart, a na 6 odcinek House’s Head.

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