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Tater Top Awards: Vote for Your Drama Kings and QueensTater Top Awards: wybieramy króla i królową dramatu

Day five and we are just getting started with E! Online’s annual Tater Top Awards. You should all feel privileged and honored to be a part of this monumental moment in TV history. So be honored, dagnabit!

Save the drama for your mama. Or, for these nominees, save it for your screentime. Yes sir, today’s Tater Tops categories are all about the angst! The pain! And the wonderful gals and guys who brought their A game to our TV sets each week. Get ready for some real drama makers…

From your minds to our comment sections, we’ve collected your nominees for Drama Mama and Drama King. Because what’s a TV season without the furrowed eyebrows and choked-up line delivery that make a dramatic monologue?

We’ve got two more weeks of Tater Tops, so keep sending in your nominations and keep voting for the other categories right here. And since robots will be taking over the world eventually anyway, we’ve made sure to keep them out of our Tater Tops Awards. We are anti-cheat here at WWK, so rest assured, these votes are 100 percent authentic.

The winners will be announced July 20, and that’s so far away! You’ve got so much time! So vote below, nominate some more, and tell us who deserves the Golden Tater!

You can vote here for Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie.

Tater Top Awards – wybory króla i królowej dramatu.

Nominowani są Hugh Laurie oraz Lisa Edelstein. Zagłosować możenie na nich na tej stronie.