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How to play Cuddy’s Serenade – tutorialJak zagrać Cuddy’s Serenade?

Download file.

Download file.

Download sheet.

Pobierz plik.

Pobierz plik.

Pobierz nuty.

Cuddy’s Serenade SheetCuddy’s Serenade – nuty

Transcripted by vivavantramp @ livejournal.

Disclaimer: This music is very obviously NOT my property, it’s Hugh’s. It’s not meant to be used for professional performance purposes, just for fun, and I don’t intend on making any money whatsoever off of it.

Download sheet + midi file:
http://www.mediafire.com/?j1mqd1km2miSpisane przez vivavantramp @ livejournal, zamieszczone za zgodą autora transkrypcji.

Pobierz nuty wraz z plikiem midi:

How to play Cuddy’s SerenadeCuddy’s Serenace – jak to zagrać?

Cuddy’s SerenadeCuddy’s Serenade

Played and composed by Hugh Laurie, played in episode 5×16 – Unfaithful

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Download link:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/j4fieuUtwór napisany i wykonany przez Hugh Laurie w odcinku 5×16 Unfaithful

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