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‚House’ Season 6 Spoilers: Is Lisa Edelstein Leaving? Lisa Edelstein nie chce opuszczać „Dr House’a”

With the release of the amazing House season 6 trailers, the internet is abuzz with how highly anticipated this return is. Last we left off, House (Hugh Laurie) hauled himself off to a mental facility to recuperate and perhaps put a handle on all the hallucinations that just punished him toward the end of last season, including the very disappointing Huddy sex fake-out.

And when it was done and over with, the House season 6 opener defied expectations! The question is, can House sustain its momentum courtesy of the brilliant premiere? What, with the departure of one of its major characters? Read on to find some House season 6 spoilers.

EW sort of made every House fan nervous by revealing that a marriage proposal is in the offing for the finale. The fans can’t decide which is worse: House proposing to Cuddy or Lucas proposing to Cuddy.

Speaking of Cuddy, a comment made by Lisa Edelstein regarding her move after her House contract expires next season caused Cuddy (and Huddy) fans some sort of alarm. She clarifies to EW: „The question behind that quote was regarding life after House. I’m not planning on leaving, I just don’t count my chickens before they hatch. Since I’m only owned for seven years at the moment, seven is what I said. However, if they want me for more I’m raring to go. I love my job!”

In fact, her current love interest PI Lucas (Michael Weston) is staying put, according to Entertainment Weekly, and we’ll have to put up with him at least through February. For their part, both Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein are happy that the closest we got to Huddy sex turned out to be a hallucination – because it means they can still do it, for real this time. Edelstein said she „loved” the way the House showrunners handled the whole sex thing precisely because they haven’t done it yet. In essence, she said, the anticipation is still there. „It means they can still have sex,” she summed up.

EW further teases that Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) will be dating someone this season, and it promises to be „a good one.” But more importantly, House and Lucas will „engage in some swordplay later this season.” Not that kind, though. House is not going that pretend-road he took in trying to snag the neighbor.

With Lucas lasting til February, however, that seems rather weird right now. Yes, even considering that House has been more normal than ever before, thanks to his brief stint at the loony bin/psychiatric hospital.

However, Reuters reported that Laurie will direct a special episode of House, something that will probably be special. The plot and everything are still under wraps, but the showrunners are saying it’s a „nontraditional episode.” What that means, we have no clue. Huddy sex? Cuddy-Lucas breakup? Something totally unrelated to the current storylines?

Also on the House season 6 spoilers agenda, Robert Sean Leonard has revealed that Wilson’s love life just might go a-kicking this season, with his character’s romantic prospects „all but nonexistent.”

With House being a patient himself, though, what happens to the PP team? Omar Epps said that while his character Foreman is stepping to the plate by virtue of „natural progression,” House would still be in charge of his team. His absence, however, will be heavily felt, with everyone „second-guessing themselves.”

Also on the House season 6 spoilers list, more Cuddy reveal: Edelstein said that personally, she’s more interested in seeing how Huddy develops as a couple, rather than her baby storyline, which she said can „ground” her character. „I think it (her baby) gives her more of a life than she had. But ultimately it’s not about that, the show is not about that. The show is about the hospital and the inner relationships at the hospital.”

Finally, if you didn’t notice it already, Laurie shaved his head for his time in the mental institution. „I have a slightly institutional look,” she said, which should add yet another dimension / feel to his character.

Aktorka nie planuje rozstania z obsadą serialu.

Lisa Edelstein która wciela się w postać dyrektorki Cuddy, zapewnia, że uwielbia swoją pracę na planie „Dr. House’a„.

– Pojawiły się jakieś plotki, że zamierzam opuścić serial. Nie mam takich planów. Uwielbiam swoją rolę – mówi gwiazda w wywiadzie dla Sky News wyjaśniając, że spekulacje na temat jej odejścia z obsady prawdopodobnie miały związek z pozbawioną kontekstu wypowiedzią. – Myślę, że to wszystko zaczęło się, kiedy zapytano mnie w wywiadzie, co będę robić po zakończeniu serialu, a ja powiedziałam, że siedem lat w serialu to świetny wynik, bo właśnie na tyle mam podpisany kontrakt. Nigdy nie sugerowałam, że zamierzam odejść. Jeżeli producenci będą chcieli, żebym została, na pewno zostanę. Lubię pracować z tymi ludźmi, więc nigdy nie podjęłabym decyzji o odejściu i mam nadzieję, że taka decyzja nie zostanie podjęta za mnie – powiedziała aktorka.