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House: Seasons 1-5 DVDHouse: Box DVD z sezonami 1-5

Get a full dose of TV’s most incorrigible and wickedly funny doctor in every episode from Seasons 1-5 of House M.D. Hugh Laurie can’t be beat in his three-time Primetime Emmy®-nominated role as Dr. Gregory House, a medical genius who’s not so wise when it comes to his personal relationships. Join him and his talented staff as they solve physical maladies that leave everyone else baffled. Co-starring an outstanding ensemble cast, it’s the brilliant series with „smart writing, fascinating stories…” (Josef Adlain, Daily Variety) that has kept audiences addicted from one season to the next!

As you know, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is working on their August 25th release of House – Season 5 on DVD. On the same day, Universal will also be releasing a big package of House – Seasons 1-5 Collection, an 26-disc set with every episode shown to date.

The cost is $299.98 SRP for that big box, but you can pre-order it from Amazon at a nice discount. We’ve now got a large, 3D look at the packaging for that title, clearly a design meant to appeal to collectors. All content is the same as the individual releases, though, so unless you just want the special packaging, there’s no need to double-dip if you’ve been collecting the season sets.

Pre order now to save $89.99 (30%) :

House: Seasons 1-5

25 sierpnia premierę będzie miał box DVD z pięcioma sezonami House’a.
Cena zestawu to $299.98. Zamawiając już teraz, można zaoszczędzić $89.99 (30%).

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