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Ausiello: My Dream Emmy Nominations Michael Ausiello: Moje wymarzone nominacje do nagród Emmy

Best Supporting Actress (Drama)
Khandi Alexander (Treme): Her work as a bar owner in post-Katrina New Orleans only makes us ask again, “CSI: Miami…why?”
Lisa Edelstein (House): Cuddy’s special day-in-the-life episode was a banner day indeed. And don’t even get me started on her beautifully restrained performance in the finale. On second thought, get me started.
Christina Hendricks (Mad Men): Should be confident on Emmy night, having shown us the vulnerability behind Joan’s swagger. She can also wield a vase like nobody’s business.
Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife): As Julianna Margulies’ sexually ambiguous sidekick, she suggests that behind every great woman is, frankly, another one.
Mae Whitman (Parenthood): Half of the most down-to-earth mother-daughter team since…well, you know.
Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood): When her Jessica’s good, she’s great. When she’s bad, she’s brilliant.

Best Lead Actor (Drama)
* Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights): His coach turned the misfits of East Dillon into champions. Surely that warrants an Emmy.
* Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad): I smell a three-peat.
* Michael C. Hall (Dexter): He killed as Dex tried (and failed) to have it all.
* Peter Krause (Parenthood): His character is flawed. His performance? Not so much.
* Hugh Laurie (House): Delivered the best work of his career in this season’s opener and closer.
* Timothy Olyphant (Justified): So strong, it’s dang near criminal.

Michael Ausiello, jak co roku, opublikował niedawno listę swoich wymarzonych nominacji do nagród Emmy. Na tegorocznej liście znaleźli się Lisa Edelstein oraz Hugh Laurie. Zdaniem dziennikarza Lisa zasługuje na Emmy za swoje świetne występy w odcinku 5 to 9, oraz finale tego sezonu, z kolei Hugh powinien być wyróżniony z powodu pierwszego i ostatniego odcinka szóstej serii. Pełne listy można znaleźć tutaj.

NBCU Photobank – Photos from 6.14 ‚5 to 9’.NBCU Photobank – zdjęcia z odcinkka 6×14 zatytyłowanego ‚5 to 9’.

NBCU Photobank – Promotional pics from episode 6.14 ‚5 to 9’.

Zdjęcia NBCU Photobank z czternastego odcinka szóstej serii, zatytułowanego ‚5 to 9’.