Fox Mondays Promo ScreencapsFox Mondays – capsy z Housem

Fox Mondays Promo Screencaps

Fox Mondays – capsy z Housem

5 Responses to Fox Mondays Promo ScreencapsFox Mondays – capsy z Housem

  1. czy hause w pierwszym sezonie mieszkał w innym mieszkaniu niż potem, bo ostatnio oglądałam na tvn i tak mi się wydaje??

  2. You steal things from other people and you don’t even bother giving credit! These caps belong to MARYKIR.

    • Yeah well it’s better to accuse people of stealing than using your brain, right?
      Cause I asked her long time ago about using her videos and pics and she doesn’t mind, so go whine somewhere else or just get a life.

  3. I’m talking about everything you post! Take the latest Global promo for instance..did you record it? I bet you did not. And again you credited it as yours. Or the Fox promotional photos..did you make them? Did you pay to get them? You stole them from someone who actually pay for these the admin from All you do is repost stuff. It’s ok to repost stuff unless you credit them as yours.

    • Oh man, I had no idea she’s a producer, director and a photographer and she’s making all promos and pictures. Cause if I’m reposting stuff, that means she’s the AUTHOR, right? And of course it was stupid to think other people have accounts on sites with pictures, obviously she’s the only one in the world. So there’s no way I could use my account and download HQ pictures from Fox Flash, right? Stupid, stupid me, really. But it’s soo cool that admin is the only person in the world with access to photo agencies and promotional materials. I envy her sooooomuch. Btw. don’t you think my photoshop skills are just awesome? Even if she’s putting really big tags on everything (and that’s perfectly fine, cause she’s an author of everything she posted, right?), I can always remove them completely, so I don’t have her tags on pics on my site. Yeap, I’m that awesome. Call me „Master of Photoshop”.

      And a thief, of course, cause like I said before, she’s the only one person in the world with access to new things. Lucky b*tch!