TVGuide: Our Emmy Nominations PredictionsTVGuide: Prognozy dotyczące nagród Emmy

Joel McHale (Community) and Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) will be announcing the names of this year’s Emmy nominations Thursday live at 8:40 a.m. ET. Here’s who we think will get the 2010 nods.


Best Series

Breaking Bad: As Walt became fully ensconced in an immoral underworld, a newly sober Jesse’s partnership had deadly consequences.
Damages: A Bernie Madoff-inspired story line introduces us to a parade of ethically dubious family members, whose methods implicate Patty Hewes and Co.
Dexter: A tense tete-a-tete with serial killer Trinity ended in the shocking death of Dexter’s wife Rita.
The Good Wife: The dumb-struck wife of a politician embroiled in a sex scandal got out of bed and went to work. The result is a great legal procedural… with an intriguing love triangle.
House: Dr. House’s stint in rehab didn’t stick, but perhaps the love of a good woman will.
Mad Men: Don Draper’s fake identity was revealed, leading to new professional challenges and a quickie divorce.

Dark Horse: Lost: The academy changed its rules so that the two-and-a-half-hour finale was eligible for consideration. Will the voters be less conflicted than the audience?

Best Supporting Actress

Christine Baranski, The Good Wife: Diane Lockhart is a post-feminist attorney who exchanges male posturing to show a woman with foibles and romantic tangles and the lessons of her mistakes.
Rose Byrne, Damages: Ellen left Patty’s tutelage to work at the DA’s office, but then you never really leave Patty, right? Her double-crosses were fun to watch.
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men: When Peggy got promoted and moved into the city, Moss presented a more confident young woman, who moved effortlessly from boardroom to bedroom.
Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy: Cristina spent the season torn between a fulfilling relationship with Owen and a fulfilling career as a surgeon. That she never really chose is what made it exciting to watch.
Chloe Sevigny, Big Love: After regaining the trust of her sister-wives, Nicki went undercover in Bill’s opponent’s office. The season ended with her tearful admission of her infertility.
Chandra Wilson, Grey’s Anatomy: Her jittery performance in the gunman-in-the-hospital finale merits her a spot here.

Dark Horse: Lisa Edelstein, House: Without Cuddy, we’d probably cheer on House’s downward spiral. Her admonishing, though patient, support blossomed this season.

Best Actor

Simon Baker, The Mentalist: Baker’s solid season ended with a flirtation with fellow psychic Kristina Frye and an ominous run-in with Jane’s big white whale, the Red John killer.
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad: The two-time defending champion erased any sense of sympathy for meth-maker Walt, as he betrayed both his wife and his partner.
Michael C. Hall, Dexter: Finding a murderous twin in Trinity, Dexter located a new emotion: admiration, which quickly bled into rage and sorrow when his idol turned into his tormentor.
Jon Hamm, Mad Men: In a season of reckoning, Don Draper revealed his painful secret, split from his wife, lost a mentor and his job. Hamm handled it all coolly.
Hugh Laurie, House: In a season bookended by exemplary episodes, Dr. House descended into addiction again, only emerging with the love of a good woman.
Kiefer Sutherland, 24: Jack Bauer’s long nightmarish day ends as it began, with the lone wolf on a mission to prove he knows what others don’t.

Dark Horse: Timothy Olyphant, Justified: Author Elmore Leonard approves of Olyphant’s quiet characterization of his U.S. marshal — who are we to argue?

Dziennikarze TVGuide opublikowali swoje prognozy związane z nominacjami do nagród Emmy, które zostaną ogłoszone już jutro. Oczywiście w ich zestawieniu nie mogło zabraknąć House’a. Dziennikarze przewidują, że nominowani zostaną:

Hugh Laurie jako najlepszy aktor w serialu dramatycznym
Lisa Edelstein jako najlepsza aktorka drugoplanowa w serialu dramatycznym
House jako najlepszy serial dramatyczny.

Lisa Edelstein została określona mianem czarnego konia swojej kategorii. Oprócz niej „nominowane” są także Christine Baranski, Elisabeth Moss, Sandra Oh, Chloe Sevigny, Chandra Wilson.

Czy dziennikarze trafnie wytypowali? O tym przekonamy się wkrótce.

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