EW.com: The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 YearsEW.com: 100 najlepszych postaci telewizyjnych ostatnich 20 lat

To help celebrate Entertainment Weekly‘s 20th anniversary (one more year and we can finally drink booze!), the writers and editors have carefully curated a list of the 100 greatest characters in pop-culture over the last 20 years. Whether the fictional women, men, ogres, muppets, babies, and cartoon rockers who made our list were initially created before 1990 didn’t matter so long as they made a lasting impact in the culture after 1990. Some characters were so inseparable in our minds and hearts — like a certain highly articulate TV mother and daughter, for example — that we simply listed them together. (Hey, it’s our list, so we get to make the rules.) Rest assured, we carefully deliberated, debated, argued, and bickered over who would make the cut and where they deserved to be ranked; after you take a look at our list, please feel free to do the same in the comments.

Place 84 – dr Gregory House.

You can see whole list here.

Na dwudziestolecie magazynu Entertainment weekly przygotowano listę 100 najlepszych postaci telewizyjnych, które mogliśmy oglądać w ciągu ostatnich 20 lat. Na liście na 84 pozycji został również wyróżniony doktor Gregory House.

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