Kal Penn at the White House Easter Egg RollKal Penn w Białym Domu

It’s a very long-standing tradition at the White House to hold an Easter Day Egg Roll on the South Lawn. This year was no exception. But the big difference for House fans this year was that our dear Dr. Kutner, aka Kal Penn was there to help out.

Here are a few photos that were taken of him at the event. He seems to be fitting right in with the new job, doesn’t he?


2 Responses to House MD Season 8 Interview with Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson & Odette AnnableHouse MD – Sezon 8 – wywiad z Jesse Spencerem, Peterem Jacobsonem i Odette Annable

  1. Yay! Dzisiaj premiera 😀 A ja pierwszy dzień na studia 😉

  2. Zapraszam do udziału w bitwie postaci serialu Dr House: http://www.bitwapostaci.pl/bitwy/Dr_House/24